Troubleshooting for a cloudy surface


After the two components are poured together and stirring begins the mixture will turn a cloudy white color, this represents areas in which the epoxy has not fully combined. You must continue to mix until all signs of cloudiness have disappeared. This process usually takes 3-4 minutes of thorough mixing. If the mixture is poured onto the surface without thoroughly mixing the batch, the white and cloudy spot will remain in the epoxy and can't potentially create soft and or sticky spots. While you are mixing you will see bubbles in the epoxy mixture, do not worry! This is normal, as the mixing motion will inevitably create bubbles. You will be able to take care of bubbles with a blow torch after you pour the epoxy.

Solution: Usually the white areas are not noticeable enough to warrant any further work. If, however, you desire, you may sand with 200-300 grit sandpaper or grind the surface to remove as much of the undeniable area as possible and re-coat the entire surface.Then using a clean rag and denatured alcohol, wipe down the surface to remove any loose residue from the finish. Allow the surface to dry and repeat this step until residue doesn't appear on the rag. 

 TIP- Keep in mind while you're mixing, the mix will go from cloudy to a clearer consistency, but you will still see small bubbles in the mix. This is fine! Go ahead and pour on your tabletop and you will be able to get rid of the bubbles with a heat gun after you pour.

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