How to pour epoxy on a wood table top

Applying Tabletop Epoxy to a wood surface should be applied in two stages. Epoxy is used for both the seal and flood coat. There is no reason to purchase a separate product for the seal stage. 

1. Mix your Epoxy. You can find the instructions here. Please be sure to read through these instructions thoroughly before starting. If you are new to using Epoxy, we recommend testing on a smaller surface before you start. 

2. The first stage is referred to as the seal coat. Brush a small amount of epoxy on with a high-quality paintbrush by creating a thin layer, and using strokes just as you would while painting a wall. Since wood is very porous, this step helps to seal any pores in the surface and helps prevent air bubbles from forming in the next flood coat. 

3. This step will be followed by a flood coat and should be poured approximately 4-10 hours after the seal coat (6 hours is optimal). Please do not go beyond 10 hours, or you the epoxy would have cured too long and you will need to sand in between. Flood coats can be applied in 1/8" layers at a time, as many as desired. However, most tables, bar tops, and countertops only have one coat of epoxy. If you are planning on working on a project. Make sure you have enough materials before starting. You can find a tabletop epoxy calculator here


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