Is resin compatible with foam?

The answer depends on the type of foam and resin that is being used. Although there many different types of foams, we are going to cover the most common types. Polystyrene (aka styrofoam), Polyurethane, and Polyethylene Foam. We are also going to cover the main types of resin. Polyester, Epoxy, Viynester.

Check the chart below to see if your foam is compatible with the resin you are using. 

  Polyester Resin Epoxy Resin Viynester
Polystyrene No Yes* No
Polyurethane Yes Yes Yes
Polyethylene No Yes* No

*The epoxy resin used in this chart is our 100% Solids (No VOC) Epoxy. Other epoxy and results may vary. 

As you can see by the chart, Epoxy Resin is compatible with all the foams on the list. Making it a superior resin in the example. If you are going to use another type of resin then make sure you check the compatibility before starting your project. 


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