FAQ'S Polyester Laminating Resin


How should do I mix the resin?
* Agitate before use
* Mix Avenue recommended racial 1.5% by weight
* For easy measuring use 1.5 teaspoons of hardener per pint of resin, three teaspoons per quart, and 11 teaspoons per gallon
* For smaller quantities use 13 drops per ounce of resin
* Always be sure to measure your components, never guess them ever

How long should I mix?
* Mix thoroughly for 35 minutes using a mixing paddle

How do I mix?
* While you are mixing scrape the sides and bottom of the container

At what point does the resin begin to harden?
* At a temperature of 77°F, your resin will start to harden and gel in about 20 minutes and will be sandable in 6 hours
* Total cure time is 24 hours
Can I use this with fragile objects?
* When the item is so fragile, it can come apart when put in resin
* You can prior to casting spray with a thin coat of lacquer
* Smaller objects, shaped items tend to trap bubbles prior to embedding them, you can dip them in resin, drain and then embed them
* You may face some color fading with time this is unavoidable 

What is the ideal temperature recommended for working?
* Ideal is below 60°F if above 85°F only mix small batches at a time as the resin will cure very rapidly
* If the temperature too cold, the resin will take longer to harden
* Never use this product in direct sunlight

What should I use to mix the resin?
* Always use clean plastic, glass, paper, or metal mixing containers
* Avoid using foam cups for mixing polystyrene will melt
* Only mix what you need never return any unused (catalyzed) resin to the original container.

How should I prepare the surface?
* Clean the area with acetone and let dry completely
* Sand the area with no finer than 80 grit sandpaper and wipe the area with acetone before lamination
* Remove all loose paint, primer, and other debris
Can polyester resin be thinned?
* Use a ratio of 10% by volume of the Styrene Monomer for thinning
* Higher concentrations will degrade the resin's properties
Can I spray my last coat?
*Permanent damage can result if a resin system is used in any paint sprayer
How much will it cover?
* Coverage can vary dramatically depending on the application and technique
* General "rule of thumb" for resin coverage: (per gallon)
- Cloth: 40 sq. ft.
- Mat: 20 sq. ft.
- Roving: 15 sq. ft.
- No Fabric: 100 sq. ft.

How much time do I have between coats?
* You have 4 hours between coats otherwise sanding will be required
Can I add more catalyst to make it cure faster?
* Catalyst ratio can be varied to speed up or slow down the cure
* Do NOT use less than 1% or more than 2% catalyst to the resin


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