Different ways to use epoxy

Epoxy has two components resin and a hardener. When these two are combined, it creates a solid material for adhesion, casting, and coating.

The most common use of epoxy is adhesion. It is a powerful bonding agent which allows two objects to bond correctly and permanently.

Epoxy is a great product which can be used on wood, glass, stone, metal, and plastic because it is waterproof and resistant to chemical spills and fire.

Another type is epoxy resin castings which can be used to mold various objects of different forms and sizes since it has a wide temperature tolerance and high strength. It has two component's, resin and hardener which need to be weighed separately before mixing to avoid problems such as dimples, bubbles, cracking or tacky parts to ensure a perfectly shaped object.

It is a great product because of its flexibility, durability, and ability to withstand different situations.

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