What is the difference between marine grade epoxy and table top epoxy? Does one bond better than the other to wood, is one better for outdoors?

Marine Grade Epoxy is used for coats that will be used in the marine application, such as general bonding, gluing, fiberglass work, and thickening application. Table Top Epoxy is used for coatings of tables, bar tops, and counters, and can also be used for various types of art work. 


Use the Epoxy Selection Chart below to choose the right Epoxy for your project. 



Work Time

Cure Time (Full Cure)

Cure Color

Add Color Pigments?


Table Top Epoxy

20 Minutes

12-14 Hours/Useable in 3 Days



General Use Epoxy for all uses. Mostly used on table tops, art work, etc.

Polyester Laminating Resin

10-15 Minutes

24 Hours

Red Amber


Polyester resin is the most common type of resin in the marine industry. It’s perfect for low-cost repairs and new construction parts.

Laminating Epoxy Resin

20 Minutes

24 Hours

Amber Clear


Epoxy resin system designed for coating, bonding, and the lamination of glass, carbon or Kevlar Fibers.

221 Epoxy Resin Kit

20 Minutes

24 Hours

Light Amber


Marine Epoxy Resin cures to a high-strength solid suitable for laminating, fairing, coating, and repairing.


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