Tips For Cleaning Epoxy

Epoxy resin is a powerful adhesive that typically comes in two parts: resin and the hardener. Over time epoxy resin can become discolored, either from age or from being in sunlight too often. Sunlight damage is much harder to remove as the discoloring is usually in the entire layer of epoxy. Surfaces blemishes are among the most common and will create an unsightly appearance, but it can be cleaned. This article will share tips on how to clean epoxy resin.

1) Buffing and Scrubbing

  • When you begin to clean the epoxy resin only use a very soft towel and buff the surface with mild force or speed.
  • With enough strength and friction, you can cause the epoxy resin to heat up and then soften so be careful.
  • If the stain is textured or a food particle is stuck on it, then you may lightly scrub the epoxy resin with a brush that has a soft bristle to remove the particle. Be careful not to use anything too aggressive, or you may ruin the finish.
  • Finish by buffing the area dry.

2) Discolored Epoxy Resin

  • Any items left out in the sunlight will fade and create a permanent brownish tan color which cannot be cleaned or removed.
  • Surface blemishes can be cleaned with bleach. Use small amounts of bleach with a cotton swab to remove the discoloring. Caution - Do not use straight bleach, too much can cause the epoxy resin to soften. This process may need to be repeated, depending on how bad the discoloration

3) Steam Cleaning

  • Epoxy resin is resistant to water. Most stains once heated and water applied, will loosen and be able to wipe away
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